EYES FOR EYES: The Benevolent Witness Project

EYES FOR EYES: The Benevolent Witness Project documents the volunteers of the Refugee Crisis. It focuses on the global grassroots response to the crisis, highlighting the most positive and altruistic parts of humanity, which includes people of every country, color, creed, gender, & orientation. Created, edited, and scored by Aubrey Roemer.

Additional images via Platanos Refugee Camp and Maliakos Nikos. Music by MMFFF. This work will be an installation of thousands of individually printed hands and eyes on discarded fabrics. It will be created in schools, community centers, art residencies, and and refugee camps around the world, as tool for empathy, art therapy, and education.

If you were a witness and wish to participate, please submit a selfie of your eyes and each hand to aubrey@aubreyroemer.net

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS OF THE REFUGEE CRISIS! It's an honor to present the latest 'Eyes for Eyes' call to action video. If you or someone you know was a volunteer in the Refugee Crisis, please submit photos of your hands & eyes to aubrey@aubreyroemer.net. 'Eyes for Eyes: The Benevolent Witness Project' is a collection of the hands and eyes of multicultural altruists, who stand in solidarity with the refugees and migrants. Together, their hands and eyes will be woven into a sea of love, conjuring a wave empathy and compassion.

Preliminary prints from the Project.